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SCIP is a capital raising platform for starting and growing unlisted companies. It is a market place that brings together three main groups of people together i.e. entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. This platform is not built just to raise capital, it’s to nurture an idea and help it grow. SCIP is an easy use platform that simplicities the investment process from browsing deals to investment and then exit from the company through clearly defined steps.

SCIP has a value proposition for entrepreneurs and investors. It serves its investors by making their investment appraisal and decision-making efficient. SCIP creates opportunities for investors by doing a rigorous due diligence and investment appraisal. SCIP helps entrepreneurs raise capital to launch and grow great ideas. It serves entrepreneurs by making early-stage capital raising efficient. The platform helps entrepreneurs raise between $100K and $3M equity from investors to finance growth via a simple, proven, rapid and affordable process.

SCIP has a distinct capital raising planning process developed specifically for unlisted companies.

SCIP has blended the processes of angel investing (small ticket size investments) with the rigor of IPO offering (standardized appraisal and due diligence).

SCIP first facilitates the investment transaction. All companies that use the capital raising services of SCIP must meet initial and ongoing compliance requirements of SCIP. SCIP prepares entrepreneur for an IPO quality investment memorandum. SCIP ensures that only investment grade opportunities that meet its investment criteria reach investors.

Post-investment, representing investors, SCIP tracks and monitors performance of the company. SCIP also assists investors exit from the investment.

The platform helps entrepreneurs raise between $100K and $3M equity capital from investors to finance growth via a simple, proven, rapid and affordable process.

SCIP is a transparent and unique platform where budding ideas by entrepreneurs grow through a perfect combination professional skills and capital.

1.  SCIP fastens the decision making process for the investor by providing due diligence report of the company.

2.  Efficient and easy way of raising funds as we have defined the steps clearly and also the timeline to complete all the phases of raising capital timely.

3.  Transparent and fair with the investors, all risks shall be informed to the investor before he decides to invest.

4.  SCIP has its ‘skin in the game,’ it has a stake in the performance of every investment it presents to investors. SCIP compensation is linked to target returns.

5.  An SCIP investor network member can decline to invest in an investment opportunity presented. SCIP platform is a market place of risk where investors independently decide the fate of an investment offering. No compulsions on investment.

6.  SCIP is not a passive ‘networking' platform of entrepreneurs and investors. It has democratized investment opportunity in early-stage high-potential businesses to smaller investors, capable of investing US$ 5,000. By accessing a large pool of investors it accesses a large pool of professionals with diverse domain expertise to guide startups and SMEs.

7.  Post-investment, SCIP as a representative of investors, tracks and monitors performance of the investee company.

8.  SCIP assists investor’s exit after completion of the investment term.

Smriti Misra

Smriti holds B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics, Masters in International Affiars from Jindal followed by post graduation in Business Leadership (BLP) from SOIL.

Her association with Accenture post-graduation and her BLP equipped her for a key role in configuring, developing and executing Small Company Investment Platform to its current present stage. For the last three years she has been fully and exclusively associated with the Platform since its inception. Visit to know more


Dr Manoj Nakra

Manoj has over forty years of work experience, has headed organizations for the last twenty years, with expertise in manufacturing, retail and distribution, and entrepreneurship. He was until recently Chief Strategy Officer for Apparel Group, a diversified retail company based in Dubai. More recently (2005-13) he was Executive Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for SME Development (MBRE) in Dubai, a Government of Dubai organization that catalyzes entrepreneurship by providing funding and business incubation. In 2004 he established SmartGlobal, a specialized executive education company.

In Dubai during 1996-2001 he was Dy CEO of Jashanmal National Co. (JNC), a $75 m GCC retail and distribution company. Before Dubai in India, as CEO, he started The Waterbase Ltd., a company he took public on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Manoj is an occasional teacher, currently co-teaches Executive Education programs for Lifestyle and Luxury brands.

He has taught strategy to MBA students at Case (2001-04). He is an author. His second book ‘A 1000 Days Journey’ captures his experiences with entrepreneurship. Manoj is a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and has a Doctorate from Weatherhead School of Business, Case Western Reserve University, USA.


We charge fixed-fees for our services and we do our very best to make the whole journey of capital raising as easy, efficient, affordable and as rapid as possible.
Admin Fee for entrepreneur
Campaign Platform Use Campaign Successful (Before the funds are released from ESCROW) Annual Reporting Share Transfer
$1000 5% of capital raise $1200 2.5% of the deal value
We do not charge investors a fee.
Admin Fee for Syndicate
Registration Annual Reporting Successful Deal
$1000 $1200 2.5% of the deal value
Admin Fee for SME Advisor
Registration No of hits
$1000 $5

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